2013 Winners

2013 Winners

The category finalists, winners and overall winner films are here!

BUFTA 2013 Music Category Winner – “Monstre” by James Carroll of Queensland Academy for Creative Industries, QLD

BUFTA 2013 Experimental Category Winner – “Surviving Ophelia” by Alex Berry of Guildford Grammar School, WA

BUFTA 2013 Drama Category and Overall Winner – “Pieces” by Olivia Altavilla of Our Lady of Mercy College Heidelberg, VIC

BUFTA 2013 Documentary Category Winner – Synaesthesia – the hidden sense” by Katie Cookson of Huntingtower School, VIC

BUFTA 2013 Comedy Category Winner – “A Day in the Life of a Librarian” by Benjamin Griggs of Guildford Grammar School, WA

BUFTA 2013 Animation Category Winner – “Bad Guy” by Lachlan Pendragon of Stretton State College, QLD