2017 BUFTA TOP 30


The 2017 Top 30 Finalists are:

*In no particular order*


A Superhero’s Journey by Shelby Baston (QLD)

Am I Okay? by Cassandra Bentley (ACT)

Home Grown by Lily Drummond (SA)

Scootering by Jakob Wells (WA)

The Kombumerri People: Life Goes On by Finn Robinsen (QLD)


Abstract Evolution by Rachel Wilson (WA)

Clean by Oliver Marsden (QLD)

Fluidity by Jessica Miguel (QLD)

SHATTER GLASS SITY or Reality and Dreamland: Coterminous by Nicholas Brack (QLD)


Child’s Play by Julian Anderson (VIC)

In the Dark by Stefanie Giagoudakis (VIC)

Music Matters by Lauren Rawlings (SA)

School, but with a Ghoul by Rory Dalitz (WA)

The Hole Family by Rory Dalitz (WA)


Backseat Bully by Ava van Zijl (QLD)

Barrier by Francis Sikalas (QLD)

Dulce et decorum est, pro patria mori by Harry Weston (WA)

Hollowlake by Lily Drummond (SA)

Solitaria by Lachlan Macfarlane (QLD)

Music Video:

Brussel Sprout by Danielle Growse (VIC)

Fantaisie Impromptu Op. 66 by Sangeeth Vadasseri (VIC)

Gaia – 727 by Will Roberts (NT)

No Time – I Am Not Lefthanded by Grace Criss (QLD)

Shades of Grey – Sound City Lights by Grace Criss (QLD)


Constable Rebound by Uday Alexander (NT)

Kindergangster by Stefan Sakellaridis (VIC)

The not so superhero by Lachy McNeary (VIC)

Unlucky in Love by Jack Connell (WA)