2019 BUFTA TOP 30


The 2019 Top 30 Finalists are:


Alfie by Shreya Arora (QLD)

Hide and Seek by Taleisha Lee (QLD)

Mark & Fish by Emma Russell (VIC)

Starlight by Sean Chen (VIC)

The Ladybug by Balazs Remias (QLD)



Australia High by Oliver John (VIC)

Girls Just Wanna Have Sun by Madhumitha Iyer (VIC)

I Need Space by Catherine Shepherd (WA)

Just You Wait by Sapphire Tsiamis (QLD)

Trust Fall by Austin Macfarlane (QLD)



10, 000 Drop, 10, 000 Stories by Finley Mason (WA)

Mi Chiamo Maria, Mi Chiamo Carina by Carina Serong (QLD)

Sallie Jones: An Australian Farmer by Henry Johnston (VIC)

Survivor by Artie Duggin (SA)

To Be a Volunteer by Bethany Alexs (VIC)



Animals by James Park (QLD)

Mates by Austin Macfarlane (QLD)

Spectacles For The Soul by Isabelle Irons (QLD)

Terra Nullius by Ebony Cunningham (WA)

Ultimatum by Curtis Charlton (QLD)



Anti by Faigan Meadowcroft (QLD)

Corruption by Helen Mullan (QLD)

No Posting No Liking Just Living by Jayden Lee-Smith (QLD)

The Call of the Wild by Jemima Patch-Taylor (QLD)

Voir Le Voir by Suzanna Steele (NSW)


Music Video:

AViVA -BLACKOUT by Ben Ginbey (WA)

Deer In A Swimming Pool by Jason Tyndall (QLD)

Matilda by Jemima Patch-Taylor (QLD)

Sleepy Couch – Lunar Vacation by Ani Parry (QLD)

White Knuckles by Austin Macfarlane (QLD)