2015 BUFTA Winner – Elizabeth Cullen



2015 BUFTA Winner – Elizabeth Cullen

1.     How did you find out about BUFTA and why did you enter?

“I decided to enter because I’ve always had a passion for filmmaking, I made these films for a school assessment and everyone seemed to respond well to them and my teacher was the one who said to enter.”

2.     Are you planning to study film and TV?

“Yeah… that is an avenue I’m definitely looking at as well as acting – I’m not 100 per cent sure yet but if BUFTA gave me the opportunity to study Film and Television I would definitely take it.”

3.     What’s your favourite film out of the two?

“Probably Alone just because it was my first big film I ever made and everyone seems to like it. I also had entered it into a few other competitions and it has won some awards…I think it’s a really nice film and it’s really close to my heart.”

4.     What about your film ‘The Artist’ are there any unique aspects you can identify?

“It’s got a really weird story, it can be difficult to understand. You have to read between the lines to understand it.”

5.     What’s weird about you Elizabeth?

“I think I’m just kind of a weird person in general, I think I seem quite normal when you first meet me but once I get comfortable with you I get weirder and weirder.”