Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Want the nitty gritty on how to make an awesome short film? Hear tips and tricks from some industry experts and Bond University Film & Television academics.

Pre-filming Tips

Head of Producing at Bond, Chris Fitchett, discusses the importance of preparation including selection of cast, crew and equipment.

Hear from Kevin Roberts, Head of Screenwriting at Bond, give tips on writing a script for short films, including the essence of good comedy and conflict.

Head of Directing at Bond, Darren Fisher, provides useful tips on camera selection and discusses his personal preference on selecting a camera with a range of lenses rather than focusing only on high definition.

Listen to Scott Knight, Head of Cinema Studies at Bond, discuss how to achieve film style through techniques including language selection and the use of a storyboard.

Director of Film and Television at Bond Michael Sergi talks all about casting and how to find the right actors to play the characters in your film.

Kevin Roberts, Head of Screenwriting at Bond, discusses the importance of telling stories when creating documentaries and music videos.

Head of Cinema Studies at Bond, Scott Knight, tells us how and when to structure an experimental film through abstract and associational approaches.

Tips on Filming

Darren Fisher, Head of Directing at Bond, gives the ultimate tip for becoming a better director – “Don’t do more than three takes.” Listen to explanation below.

Michael Sergi, Director of Film & Television at Bond explains how to successfully achieve overlapping action.

Cinematographer John Seale has one secret word to help students in a career in film: Perseverance

Tips on Editing

Chris Fitchett, Head of Producing at Bond gives the do’s and don’ts of creating an opening scene.

Director of Film and Television at Bond, Michael Sergi, talks all about mastering the appropriate length of short film.