Do you have any copyright media in your entry? You must obtain copyright approval from the owner for any copyright media in your entry.

To obtain approval, please send the below content to the owner via email.


Dear Copyright Holder,

You are receiving this notice because a high school student wishes to use your music in a short film they have made to enter the Bond University Film and Television Awards (BUFTA)

The BUFTA Awards are an initiative of the Bond University Film and Television program intended to promote filmmaking amongst high school students.

Before you grant copyright permission for the student to use your music in their short film please note that the film maybe used for in any or all of the following as part of the competition:

  • hosted on a public content site such as Vimeo or You Tube
  • publically promoted as part of the People’s Choice Award hosted on the BUFTA website
  • screened in the awards ceremony, which is streamed live
  • used  to promote the BUFTA competition in future years

Considering the uses described above, if you are happy for your music to be used in their film, then please provide your written approval via return email.

Thank you


The BUFTA Team

Bond University


Attach a copy of this email with their reply indicating approval to your entry.This approval must then be uploaded with your entry during submission. Alternatively, you can email it through to along with your name and the name of your film entry.


Have you done everything with your film that you need to enter BUFTA?


Make sure you check our list below before you click on the ‘send’ button.

BUFTA – How to create a BUFTA film



To download a flowchart of making a short film please click here or click on the image below: